02 Oct 2014

Our campaign, “My World Is: Unbottled” at the Peoria Fine Art Fair was a success. One of the primary goals was to establish a new trend in hydration at larger-scale events. We provided a disposable bottled water alternative for hundreds of people and spread the word about our kacadodl.com online resource. Many of the people that came by already understood the issues surrounding the disposable bottles, but hopefully we put a bug in a few people's ears to think about some environmental issues that they may not have thought of.

We were thrilled to be able to give away 48 free Vapur: Quencher 'anti-bottles' (reusable toxin-free vessels) to some of the cutest kids ever - thanks to Vapur! We explained the reusable aspect of them so they can begin their 'green' journeys with reuse and hopefully not learn the current habits of our throwaway society. Another goal of the campaign was to recycle those disposable plastic bottles that were sold at the fair. We saw soda bottles, cans and disposable water bottles galore! We barely scratched the surface on recycling, but we did our best to make a small dent! The more people actually see the choice to recycle right next to garbage cans, the sooner it will (hopefully!) become like second nature to just simply recycle. Also, the more volunteers that are stationed to help encourage/monitor recycling containers at events like these, the more successful recycling efforts will be - so take advantage of any opportunities to do your part and help out!  

The greatest cause of the deterioration of the global ecosystem is the “UNSUSTAINABLE patterns of consumption & production of industrialized countries. “  U.N. EARTH SUMMIT (1992)


Warnings about our society's sustainability issues and the environment have been building for many years. The global explosion of “I want an American-lifestyle, too” has multiplied consumption one-hundred fold in the last decade. You’ve heard of the tech bubble, housing bubble etc… in the book “The Necessary Revolution” the authors describe our continued disregard for action as 'being in a bubble' and so we can’t get the perspective that we could if we were outside of it.

Well that 'bubble' is bursting. The media is saying climate change more often. It is kind of surreal because 8-10 years ago when my awareness was heightened to the issues we face it seemed like no one was talking about it in the main stream. Now I do see some signs, and I believe it is because the 'bubble' …. has finally burst!

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13 Sep 2014

I am in awe of nature... the beauty in something as simple as waterdrops on a flower, makes me smile.

28 Jul 2014

We served refreshing cucumber water today at the Peoria Riverfront Market... thanks to Superior Water Services and Rhythm Kitchen!

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