02 Jan 2015

Happy New Year to all. Hope your new year plans, thoughts and resolutions includes adding ways to be more aware of our world and of ways to make it better.

  • Alternative Energy
  • Recycling and reducing waste
  • Buy Local

There are books and list and even tv series devoted to being more green, so you dont need me to tell you... so just hoping you will think about it and learn and be more aware in 2015. 

Each month in the new year I will try and focus on a topic or subject for kacadodl. "Topic of the Month" in January will be SOLAR and renewable energy. I think 2015 is the year solar will take off in Illinois.There are factors that will help make this happen, so stay tuned for our Special Video Diary on Solar. We will demistify the process of getting Rooftop Solar for your home or business. Along with justifing the cost and how it can make sense in 2015 and beyond.

Hopefully gas prices will stay low for a while.... invest your savings in solar and learn how you can sell any excess energy you dont use. I can't wait to relay all the info I learn to you. Every solar rooftop install is one less person relying on more pollution oriented energy. 

Have a happy and healthy new year.

Sandy, iB

11 Nov 2014

We have a lot of issues that factor into our future in central Illinois. The upcoming Peoria Clean Energy Forum, Nov 24th... sponsored by Central Illinois Healthy Community Alliance brings many factors together for us to think about, plan and get involved.

"Because we cant assume others are looking out for our best interest." iB 

Speakers to discuss how Central Illinois can plan our future based on President’s Obama'sClimate Action Plan, which includes unprecedented efforts by the United States to reduce carbon pollution, promote clean sources of energy that create jobs, and protect American communities from the impacts of climate change.

I retweeted a article the other day about a fashion show in China that included pollution mask as part of the ensemble! Do we really want that for our children? In our area we are in a non- attainment for air quality. The way I understand it... we dont meet the standards for good air. :(  Yet, the EPA approved the Edwards Power Plant to continue for another five years polluting our air. :((  The forum will help start a conversation to phase out the source of dirty air and plan for clean energy solutions. 

Hope to see you there.

Clean Energy Forum Details

Monday, November 24th, 7-8:30 PM

7:00 PM-8:30PM

Bradley University Marty Theater


As Illinois works to develop a plan to comply with President Obama's Clean Power Plan, Central Illinois leaders from several industries, areas and backgrounds will gather to discuss how Central Illinois can benefit from these efforts to reduce dangerous carbon pollution. 

The speakers will give an overview of how climate change impacts Central Illinois, the importance of taking action as a community, and the clean energy solutions that are already at work in the region. Representatives from the agricultural, scientific, faith and youth communities will share their perspective on how the new standards represent an opportunity for Illinois to grow its booming clean energy economy while preserving Illinois’ air, water and land for future generations.

Each speaker will present and a question and answer session with the audience will follow. The discussion will focus on Illinois’ role as a leader in the movement toward clean energy.

The recent IPCC report on climate change exposes the dire consequences of failing to act to address climate change, and right now there is an unprecedented opportunity for IL and the rest of the country to move beyond fossil fuels. A new proposed rule called the Clean Power Plan is a plan for states to cut their carbon emissions and promote renewable energies like wind, solar, and energy efficiency.

This forum aims to create an opportunity for people to better understand opportunities for cleaner energy in Peoria from the Clean Power Plan, as well as see how Central Illinois is already taking steps to move towards renewable energy.


When: Monday, November 24th, 7:00-8:30 PM

Where: Bradley University, Marty Theater, 915 N Elmwood Ave, Peoria, IL

Who: Central Illinois Healthy Community Alliance and 200+ community members


·  State Senator Dave Koehler

·  Brian Urbaszewski, Respiratory Health Association

·  Keith Bolin, farmer and wind energy advocate

·  Todd Abercrombie, EverGreen Home Energy Consultants

·  Ernistine Jackson, Peoria NAACP


photo source: http://mariannecaroline.com/2014/11/04/pollution-redefines-fashion/

Copyright: studiom1 / 123RF Stock Photo

02 Oct 2014

Our campaign, “My World Is: Unbottled” at the Peoria Fine Art Fair was a success. One of the primary goals was to establish a new trend in hydration at larger-scale events. We provided a disposable bottled water alternative for hundreds of people and spread the word about our kacadodl.com online resource. Many of the people that came by already understood the issues surrounding the disposable bottles, but hopefully we put a bug in a few people's ears to think about some environmental issues that they may not have thought of.

We were thrilled to be able to give away 48 free Vapur: Quencher 'anti-bottles' (reusable toxin-free vessels) to some of the cutest kids ever - thanks to Vapur! We explained the reusable aspect of them so they can begin their 'green' journeys with reuse and hopefully not learn the current habits of our throwaway society. Another goal of the campaign was to recycle those disposable plastic bottles that were sold at the fair. We saw soda bottles, cans and disposable water bottles galore! We barely scratched the surface on recycling, but we did our best to make a small dent! The more people actually see the choice to recycle right next to garbage cans, the sooner it will (hopefully!) become like second nature to just simply recycle. Also, the more volunteers that are stationed to help encourage/monitor recycling containers at events like these, the more successful recycling efforts will be - so take advantage of any opportunities to do your part and help out!  

The greatest cause of the deterioration of the global ecosystem is the “UNSUSTAINABLE patterns of consumption & production of industrialized countries. “  U.N. EARTH SUMMIT (1992)


Warnings about our society's sustainability issues and the environment have been building for many years. The global explosion of “I want an American-lifestyle, too” has multiplied consumption one-hundred fold in the last decade. You’ve heard of the tech bubble, housing bubble etc… in the book “The Necessary Revolution” the authors describe our continued disregard for action as 'being in a bubble' and so we can’t get the perspective that we could if we were outside of it.

Well that 'bubble' is bursting. The media is saying climate change more often. It is kind of surreal because 8-10 years ago when my awareness was heightened to the issues we face it seemed like no one was talking about it in the main stream. Now I do see some signs, and I believe it is because the 'bubble' …. has finally burst!

Please let me know you care - Join the kacadodl alliance!

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